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Опять музыка, шоподелать)))
Знакомьтесь, внизапна! не UK, эти психи из Калифорнии - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros = 11 долбоёбов участников.

Сразу с разбега можно нырнуть куда-то в 60-70-е, поверить, что хиппи есть. Это какая-то аццкая смесь незамутнённости с сюрным попом, роком 70-ых и немножко фолком и кантри. Или я так слышу. Зовут их инди-фолком)) Бесконечно позитивная музыка, нестройный хор, свист, гитары, много инструментов и позитив-позитив. Музыка утра, когда у тебя всё хорошо))


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Music To Be #75

Пожалуй, одним из главных событий стало объявление дат появления в России IRON MAIDEN! Москва – 11 февраля 2011, Санкт-Петербург – 10 июля 2011 года.
Жёны рок-звезд решили объединиться и создать реалити-шоу о том, каково это – быть замужем за рокером. В "Married To Rock" участвуют: Susan Holmes McKagan - жена Duff`а McKagan`а (VELVET REVOLVER, LOADED); Etty Farrell – жена Perry Farrell`а (лидера JANE`S ADDICTION); Josie Stevens – жена гитариста Billy Idol`а Steve`а Stevens`а; AJ Celi – подруга гитариста THE CULT Billy Duffy.
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Kasabian and the Chemical Brothers are set to headline the RockNess festival in the Scottish Highlands. The event takes place from 10-12 June 2011.

Former Britain's Got Talent contestant Susan Boyle tops the UK album charts with her second album, The Gift.

The late Jonny Cash is to be inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame, following in the footsteps of Elvis Presley and Pat Boone.


All news you can see at the www.bbc.co.uk/go/rss/int/news/-/news/entertainm...

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Singer James Blunt 'prevented World War III

Singer James Blunt has told the BBC how he refused an order to attack Russian troops when he was a British soldier in Kosovo.

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Поплавал Пух на МайСпейс...

Приписались ко мне в друзья две чудные группы.

Значит, Palmchat и Davy Drak.
У первых поп-панкеров - единственное самопальное видео на странице, снятое рыжебородым пирсингованным пареньком, содержит полный набор фейспалмов, отчего, видимо, и название. Такие милаффки! www.myspace.com/palmchat
У вторых - пафос и вззззз-взззз-готека. Кадыкастые мальчики с "рефлексиями и экзорцизмом", значица, в песнях. Гхе. Кагбе дум, дарк и митол... Но микс не удался. www.myspace.com/davidrak
Ну... я не знаю.

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Due to unprecedented demand for tickets for Roger Waters’ The Wall tour, more dates have been added. Two more shows at the Manchester Evening News Arena on 28th and 29th June. to get your tickets visit this page on Friday 17th September at 9am when tickets go on-sale!

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Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears talks to Matthew Stadlen about his flamboyant performances, why he hates red carpets, his musical influences and collaborations and why his name stops him from going solo. Watch here - www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-11735889

One of the hot tickets for the London Jazz festival is young American bass player and singer, Esperanza Spalding.
At the age of 26, she has succeeded in bringing her music to a wide audience and yet jazz fans also say she is "the real thing".
Perhaps one of her biggest admirers is Barack Obama himself. Watch here - www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-11748686

My Chemical Romance recently posted the following message on their official site:
"This Tuesday the 16th at noon PST, tune into mychemicalromance.com to see the album premiere of Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys in full video glory. The video transmission will be hosted by Dr. Death Defying directly from his lair. Don't miss it!"читать дальше

Bravo, chaps. Glassjaw today announced they would be selling a seven-inch pizza and vinyl deal - but you have to be in New York to buy it.
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2010 Rock Sound Readers’ Poll
The polls are open, who will be winning what in the 2010 Rock Sound Readers' Poll?

It is that time of year again, cast your votes in the 2010 Rock Sound Readers' Poll!
Who was the Best British Band? What was the Best Album of the year? Who was the Best International Newcomer? What was the Biggest Disappointment? Who was the Shit Weasel of the year? Who was the best Eye Candy of the year? And what was the Best Rock Sound cover of the year?
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Ozzy Osbourne says he might be up for a Black Sabbath reunion in 2012 – but only if bassist Geezer Butler agrees to stop moaning.
The Prince of Darkness has been linked with a return to his old band since the death of Ronnie James Dio in May, who was singing with the rebadged Heaven and Hell.
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клипы, интересности, без комментов!
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Classic Rock признал AC/DC группой года

Австралийская рок-группа AC/DC удостоена титула лучшего коллектива 2010 года на церемонии вручения наград Roll Of Honour Awards музыкального журнала Classic Rock. Мероприятие состоялось вечером 10 ноября в Лондоне.
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The Faces of Rock N' Roll

Photographer Mick Rock's images helped define the music scene of the 1970s - with his portraits of the likes of David Bowie, Debbie Harry, Mick Jagger and Queen.
Here, as photos from his new book - Exposed: The Faces of Rock N' Roll - go on public display in London, are some of them. Mick talks affectionately about the artists with whom he worked and ultimately became friends.
Watch this and more audio slideshows: www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-11722670

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Jason Bonham, son of late Led Zeppelin drummer...

Jason Bonham, son of late Led Zeppelin drummer John, has told how his 30th anniversary tribute show to his dad caused his mum to break down and call the late rock legend “a bastard”.
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Motionless In White

Bringing a sense of theatre back to screamo, Pennsylvania sextet are putting the 'posi' into 'positively brutal'
Motionless In White have only just released their debut album 'Creatures' but they're already making a serious name for themselves.
Blending huge choruses with vocalist Chris Motionless [note: this might not be his real name]'s trademark screams and some seriously chugga chugga guitar action - c'mon, everyone loves a bit of the chugga chugga - Motionless In White are one of the leading lights on the Fearless Records roster. And that's why we made them Band Of The Week. Because they are ace.
We've got some free tuneage for you to stream below via Soundcloud, and if you still remain to be convinced of their inherent mega-ness, check out this interview with Chris.
Read and listen more www.rocksound.tv/features/article/motionless-in...

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Очень интересно о Кене Хенсли


В ходе устроенного с моей соул-мейт ретровечера вспомнилась мне Нина Хаген.
Милейшая женщина с прекрасным чувством юмора, необыкновенным голосом и очень интересной судьбой.
Насколько я знаю, это единственная женщина, которой так шло "пучить глассске" и "надувать гупке". Неповторимая панкерша.
Ниже подборка клипов с ней. Она такая забааааавная. *сирдечки*

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Для моих немногочисленных ПЧ хочу устроить опрос.
Я ловлю много новостей и интересных статей на английском, и переводить не всегда есть время.
Скажите, мне выкладывать новости на инглише? Вам будет удобно?

Вопрос: Ммм...
1. Да 
6  (54.55%)
2. Нет 
5  (45.45%)
Всего: 11

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Офигение с утра


Пак всякой всячинки от Rock Radio UK

Рекомендую сходить на чудный сайт www.rockradio.co.uk

Патамушта! Например:

12 фото Led Zeppelin. Мал золотник, да дорог. )) Смотреть тут.

Rockipedia No.281 - Drummer Nick Mason has supported observations by Roger Waters and David Gilmour that the surviving members of Pink Floyd could reunite one more time for a charity event... Пух не врет! Вот источник.

Guest Blog: Doogie White
You can just be sitting minding yer own business when a blast from the past comes crashing through the peace and quiet , it does not sneak up but comes full at you in a most unexpected way... Tonight's featured song was Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd: long, overplayed by every bar band, 70s/80s guitar shop salesman's nightmare. Глянуть тут.

Чудесный, чудеснейший сайт!

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Metbash. Ни дня без METALLICA и “Большой Четверки"

Джеймс Хэтфилд о вокалисте Guns N’ Roses
Написал Dimon 14 октября, 2010 в Цитаты и Интервью
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Metbash-отчет: “Thing That Should Not Be” и “I Disappear” в Брисбене 19.10 - смотрите тут: metbash.ru/2010/10/metbash-report-metallica-liv...

23-го октября был день рождения у Роберта Трухильо!

Джеймс Хэтфилд о мини-альбоме “Six Feet Down Under”
Написал Dimon 25 октября, 2010 в Цитаты и Интервью
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Пухова музыка